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    helping the new pup


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    helping the new pup Empty helping the new pup

    Post by lordraptor1 on Thu May 06, 2010 12:36 am

    i recently picked up another pup wandering the neighborhood a little chihuaha or at least a mix of chiuhuahua and something else. he is a tiny little guy and is as sweet as can be. anyway, on to the story. well as usual we started looking for the owners, we looked all day and could not find them. well here is where things go bad, on the first night he was with us he broke his leg Sad . we have taken him to the vet and he ended up requiring surgery which he recieved today and is back here with us and seems to be doing well. the vet told us his leg bone was a little crooked and that with where the break is he may not ever reach 100%. well after the current events we have quit looking for the previous owners and decided to keep him, and before anyone starts sayig that is mean or i should not stop looking for the owners let me inform you that at least if he is with us here we know he will be well cared for and we also know that any follow up vet appointments will be made, all we know about the little guy is he followed some guy from clear across town to our neighborhood where we picked him up, we went looking in the area where the guy said the pup followed him from but no one knew anything about the little guy.

    anyway the vet bill is currently 400.00 and i am making weekly payments as i sell stuff or get more funds i can utilize i will also be sending them to the vet to get teh bill paid off. i am also considering selling off some of my aquarium stuff because of lack of funds due to the irs keeping my return this year and to make matters worse i got teh notice they were keeping the day i was suppose to recieve my tax return.

    anyway wish me and wheelie (thats what i call him) the best of luck and get well soon wishes.

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