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    FOTAS 2010 in OKC


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    FOTAS 2010 in OKC  Empty FOTAS 2010 in OKC

    Post by dukeonelove on Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:33 am

    The 2010 FOTAS convention will be hosted by the Oklahoma Aquarium Association on September 3rd, 4th and 5th. Those of you who aren't firmiliar with FOTAS, this is the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies which was founded many, many years ago and comprised of, well Texas clubs. Several years ago, they were kind enough to include the OKAA as part of FOTAS and this will be our first chance to host the convention and hopefully set us up to do many more in the future. You can find the entire history at

    We will be hosting the convention at the Best Western Saddleback Inn located at 4300 SW 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73108 and you can reach the hotel at 1-800-228-3903 This is in the general area of the intersection of I-40 and Meridian Avenue which is directly North of the airport and located within walking distance of numerous eateries and a trolly stop is located in front of the hotel for those wishing to travel to Bricktown, the OKC memorial or other nearby attractions.

    The exact schedule has not been completed at this time but Friday afternoon will begin with entries being placed into the show as well as rental tanks that will be available to those coming from out of town. There will also be a speaker Friday evening and generally a group or several groups will venture out for a casual "meet & greet" dinner. Saturday will be packed full of speakers, the show will be in full swing and a banquet will be held in conjunction with the show awards ceremony, a small auction to raise money for the Braz Walker Fund as well as the newly formed Dr. Keith Arnold Patron Award and a speaker. Sunday will be a huge auction in which you can find more types of fish than you can dream of as well as hardgoods, plants and other creatures for your aquariums.

    We will be calling all clubs in the surrounding areas even beyond the normal FOTAS clubs to ensure this will not be an event that will be forgotten. At this point, we have secured speakers including Spencer Jack, Mark Denaro, Michi Tobler, David Stewart and will be adding more as they are confirmed. For the latest information, be sure and keep track of this story as well as watch the forum. For last minute information, you can email me at or call me at 405-263-4769 at home or cell at 405-818-2826 and I will try and answer your questions or guide you to the convention hotel if needed.

    We purposely put this event on Labor Day weekend to give those people traveling an extra day to make it back home and get their newly aquired fish into tanks (if you're like me, you always buy more fish than you have tanks for and will need to setup new tanks). I look forward to seeing a lot of old faces and a lot of new ones as well so make sure and put this on your calendar!

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    here's the schedule for FOTAS so you can plan out your weekend. These are fairly firm although there could be changes due to unforseen events. I will make sure and post here when I know of any changes that may take place:

    Thursday September 2nd.

    I plan to be at the hotel around 8:30am to start setting up the show. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to come by and assist. The sooner we are done, the sooner we can kick back.

    Friday September 3rd
    5pm. Registration opens for the event, show and rental tanks
    6:30pm. speaker: Gerald Griffin --Wild Bettas
    8:00pm. speaker: Mark Denaro -- TBA
    9:30pm. Late dinner off-site if you're still willing

    Saturday September 4th
    8am. Registration opens for the event, show and rental tanks
    9am. speaker: David Stewart -- Aquarium Plants Do's and Dont's
    10:30am speaker: Denny Rogers -- Freak Show
    2pm speaker: Michi Tobler -- Cichlids & Livebearers: Studying Fish In Their Natural Habitats
    3:30pm speaker: Dean Hougen -- Cichlid Reproduction
    Show Judging tallied
    7:00pm Banquet: Speaker: Mark Denaro -- TBA Mini-Auctions for Fundraisers

    Sunday September 5th
    9am Show and Rental tanks empty
    Registration for Auction starts
    11am Auction begins

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    Here's the list of classes for the show:

    Category A – Schooling Fish
    A1. Characins (tetras, etc.)
    A2. Cyprinids (barbs, danios, etc.)
    A3. Rainbowfish

    Category B – Anabantids
    B1. Anabantids – Domestic Cultivars (fancy bettas, etc.)
    B2. Wild-Type Bettas
    B3. All Other Anabantids

    Category C – Catfish
    C1. Callichthyids (corys, etc.)
    C2. Loricariids (plecos, etc.)
    C3. All Other Catfish

    Category D – Livebearers
    D1. Livebearers – Domestic Cultivars
    D2. Wild-Type Poeciliids
    D3. All Other Livebearers (Goodeids, some halfbeaks, etc.)

    Category E – Killifish
    E1. Aplocheilidae & Nothobranchiidae
    E2. Rivulidae
    E3. All other Killifish

    Category F – Domestic Cultivar Cichlids
    F1. Angelfish
    F2. Discus
    F3. All Other Domestic Cultivar Cichlids

    Category G – New World Cichlids
    G1. New World Dwarf Cichlids (adults no larger than 3 inches)
    G2. South American Cichlids (excluding dwarfs)
    G3. Central/North American Cichlids (excluding dwarfs)

    Category H – Old World Cichlids
    H1. African Dwarf Cichlids (adults no larger than 3 inches)
    H2. Rift Lake Cichlids (excluding dwarfs)
    H3. All Other African Cichlids (excluding dwarfs)

    Category I – Miscellaneous Fish
    I1. Native Fish
    I2. Brackish and Marine Fish
    I3. Goldfish and Koi
    I4. All Other Fish

    Category J – Non-Fish
    J1. Cnidarians (corals, anemones, jellyfish, etc.)
    J2. All Other Invertebrates (shrimp, snails, etc.)
    J3. Plants (single plant)

    Category K – Setups
    K1. Planted Tank (minimum of three plant species)
    K2. Community Tank (minimum of three animal species)
    K3. Family/breeder (parents and fry)

    Category L – Artifacts
    L1. Artwork
    L2. Photos
    L3. Crafts

    Each entry is $3. Our show tanks are 6 gallon "kritter keepers". The stand will acept a standard 10 gallon or any tank with the same front-to-back dimension. If you have a fish that is too large for the 6 gallon, you are welcome to bring your own tank to fit our stand as long as we have room left. Be sure to email me and let me know you need to do this at as soon as possible. You may also bring a larger tank and stand to be setup in the show area if you wish. Again, let me know asap so we can allow room and an air outlet for that tank. I can not remember the exact awards but will post them as soon as I know.. All show fish must be in their tanks before 12pm Saturday to be judged.

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