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    ideas for getting the forum busy again


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    ideas for getting the forum busy again Empty ideas for getting the forum busy again

    Post by lordraptor1 on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:55 pm

    ok folks i am looking for ideas to get this forum back up and busy again. i have had a few but all would require some type of funds, donations, or sponsors (needless to say i have none LOL).

    contests are out because of no cash in my pocket for prizes

    t-shirts and bumper stickers for advertising also out same reason no cash

    sponsors are out as well because places that will sponsor our forum wont do so without a decent sized active base on the forum because it gives them advertising and possible sales and without a decent sized base they dont want to bother.

    so here is what i hae compiled thus far and i would like more ideas and/or suggestions on what i already have listed. please pm me me and i will update the list.

    1. first i need people on the cl adds to get people here

    2. someone that makes bumperstickers/t-shirts to donate some t's and bumper stickers

    3. donations of prizes for contests

    4. cash donations to purchase prizes (gift certificates to online e-tailers would also be accepted to give as prizes)

    5. sponsors (if you can get someone wanting to sponsor the forum)

    that is all of the ideas i have lets hear yours. come on folks lets get our site active and strong again.

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