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    domain name Empty domain name

    Post by Admin on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:37 am

    ladies and gentleman, our domain name expires in 153 days so at this time i am asking for the members to use the donate button found on the site to purchase credits for use on the site that way we can renew the domain name, add more storage space, etc. we currently have 300 credits but need more. i am hoping that by the time our domain name is about to or does expire we will have enough to renew it. lets get together and keep our forum alive and get active again. i am working on a new class of member called a supporter, anyone who does something for the forum will be given supporter status. length of supporter status is still to be determined.

    i am also still looking to raise funds to purchase stickers, t-shirts, etc fopr the forum so if anyone wishes to donate/participate please pm me, or lordraptor1 (same difference Wink ). please get with me on these matters as we need to get this site going again.

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